Tax File Number Australia

Tax File Number Australia

Available for Australian residents and foreign passport
holders, permanent migrants and temporary visitors

Residents and visitors wishing to work in Australia must register to obtain a Tax File Number (TFN). It is easy to apply and takes less than a minute.

Obtain your TFN in 3 easy steps

1. Apply online

The TFN application process begins when you complete our application form online. It takes less than a minute. The TFN online form contains helpful tips to understand the information required.

2. Review

After submission, your application will be examined by a specialist tax advisor. If the information provided meets official requirements, you can expect to receive your tax number within fourteen business days.

3. Delivery

Once your registration for your tax file number has been approved, we will send you a confirmation email with all necessary details. This will give you free access to your TFN from anywhere in Australia.

Register TFN

Tax FIle Number registration

The Australian Tax Number is the personal reference number in the Tax System and Supersystem. This number can also be an important part of your own taxes and records as well as your own identity. Therefore, keep it in a safe place.

Your TFN is yours for life. You retain the exact number even if you change your name, job, state or foreign country. It usually takes around 15 business days to register your tax file number. However, additional confirmation of certain details of the request may result in a delay of several business days. In the unlikely event that your application is delayed, you can rest assured that our agents will provide you with all information at all times.

You do not need it at all, but without TFN you will pay more tax. In addition, you cannot claim government benefits, pay your income tax return electronically or obtain an Australian Business Number (ABN).

TFN applicants must meet several conditions. They are therefore divided into three categories:

  1. Holders of foreign passports, permanent migrants or temporary visitors. You can apply for TFN if you are already in Australia. You have a visa of the following types: a permanent visa for migrants, a labour law with a visa, a foreign student visa, a visa that allows the holder to stay in Australia indefinitely.
  2. People living outside Australia. You do not need a Tax File Number if you only receive interest rates or Australian reference fees if you are not resident in Australia for tax reasons. Withholding tax from non-residents is deducted before these bonds are deducted. The total amount deducted will vary depending on your country of residence for tax purposes.
  3. Australians. Registration as a TFN is required if you receive income from Australian sources in addition to interest, dividends or mandatory royalties. Even if you have a spouse who is an Australian citizen and applies for family tax. The same applies to residents who need to file an Australian tax return or apply for an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Get your Australian Tax File Number

How to get your Australian tax number

Everyone who moves to Australia needs a tax number.
If you hold a temporary visa, a permanent migrant or a temporary visitor, you can apply for your Australian Tax Number (TFN) online once you are in Australia. You cannot apply before arriving in the country.

There are three conditions you must meet to apply for a TFN online.

  1. You have a foreign passport, a permanent migrant or a temporary visitor.
  2. You are already in Australia.
  3. Your visa is one of the following:
  • a permanent migrant visa
  • a visa with labour law
  • a foreign student visa
  • a visa that allows you to stay in Australia indefinitely (including New
  • Zealanders who automatically receive a visa upon arrival)

How to apply for a tax number online

The online application for Tax File Number takes about 5 minutes.

You will be asked to enter your personal information, including your passport number or travel document, a postal address in Australia to which you send your TFN, your legal name and other names you use or use, and your contact information or that of your preferred contact person.

Your online tax number application will be sent by the Australian Tax Administration (ATO) to the Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department (DIAC) to check your records, i.e. you have a valid work visa or permanent residence visa and you are present in the country.

Only one TFN is issued at a time. It’s like a social security number in the United States.

Your Tax Number lasts between 10 and 28 days. 28 days is the maximum time.

You need a postal address to get your tax number.
You can use your business address for the postal address or if the owners of your short-term lease agreement, this address. Once you have created your account online with ATO, you can change your details at any time.

Australian TFN Online

Do you need a tax number in Australia?

You do not need a TFN to work in Australia, but it is to your advantage to have one. Below you will find the information directly on the Australian Tax Office website:

You (the employer) must withhold 49% of all payments you make to a domestic employee and 47% to a foreign resident employee (excluding cents) if all of the following conditions are met:

  • You did not mention your TFN
  • They have not asked for an exemption from the indication of their TFN
  • They have not informed you that they have requested a Tax File Number or that they have requested information from us.

If an employee in question 1 of the tax registration number declares that he or she has submitted a tax registration number or information request for individuals to us, he or she has 28 days to submit you his or her Tax Number.

If the employee has not given you his or her Tax Number within 28 days, you must withhold 49% of all payments made to a domestic employee and 47% to a foreign employee (excluding cents) unless we ask you.

There is a good chance that you will not be hired by an employer without a TFN, even if you have a spouse or partner visa and can work legally in Australia.

I must note that the acquisition of a TFN does not allow you to work in Australia. You will need a valid work permit visa.

Why do you need to link your tax number to your bank account?

There is no obligation to provide your TFN to your Australian bank. However, if you do not do this, banks are legally obliged to deduct tax from interest earned on your account at a certain threshold at the highest marginal tax rate.

To add your TFN to your bank account, simply log into your account and access your account or profile settings. There is usually room for you to enter your TFN.

If you have a joint bank account with your spouse or partner, you will both need to add your Tax Number to that account. The main reason is that there is no joint tax return in Australia. However, when you file your tax return, you will be asked for information on your spouse’s or partner’s income.