Australian Federal Police registers ABC offices in Sydney

We inform you that the Australian Federal Police registers ABC offices in Sydney.

The past Wednesday, June 5, they registered the headquarters of the television network.

The investigation is due to a series of news transmitted by ABC in 2017. These talked about allegations of unlawful killings and misconduct by Australian special forces in Afghanistan.

Certainly, three AFP agents entered the ABC building. They wanted to look at the past emails from Dan Oakes and Sam Clark. Both journalists investigated the cases mentioned.

The general director of ABC News, David Anderson, said that it is “very unusual for the national station to be attacked in this way”. “This is a serious development and raises concerns about press freedom and proper public oversight of national security and defense issues”.

Also, he declared: “ABC supports its journalists, will protect its sources and will continue to report without fear when it comes to a clear public interest”.

Finally, AFP has stated that the search warrants have been authorized. In addition, it is suspected that ABC has been committed a crime. He also stressed that they have no intention of arresting anyone during the raid.

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