7 best job sites Australia

Today almost everything can be done online – applying for your visa, tax file number, booking your flights and even applying for a new job. You no longer need to print out your Curriculum Vitae or even be in Australia to send you CV. Job seeking online is a great resource to understand the job market and the necessary skills that will be needed for your desired position. You can create your CV online, make your business profile, connect with employers and apply for as many positions as you wish. Most of the websites run on the same basis, although some sites will offer extra services and tips on how to find a new job more efficiently.

1. Adzuna

The Adzuna site brings together thousands of job positions from the sites like – Mycarrer and Jobs.au and gathers it into one efficient search. This site allows you to browse jobs by salaries, company names, and location allowing you to find the perfect job tailored just for you. Adzuna has CV evaluator services, you can simply upload your CV and the Adzuna team will analyze your resume – pointing out errors, giving you advice on how to modify your CV and show how much your CV is worth. This site will send you notifications on job updates, new vacancies and messages from the potential recruiters. Adzuna operates in 16 countries worldwide and they are active on social media as well as their website by giving applicants tips and advice on seeking a job.

2. GradAustralia

If you are fresh out of university or looking for an internship during your studies GradAustralia is a site for you. This site was founded by graduates from the University of Adelaide in order to help other graduates to transition from education to employment. Their aim is to provide their customers with the information and tools on how to find your first position fresh out of the university. Their site gathers available graduate jobs, internships as well as advises and posts interesting articles on the current job market. The GradAustralia team is active on their social media and they make regular posts and video materials from recruiters, interns, students, and successful business owners. This website also posts interviews and stories from students who are currently looking for a new position and are starting off in their careers which makes it really relatable for other applicants just starting out in the job market.

3. CareerOne

CareerOne – is one of the leading job search resources in Australia. It allows recruiters to post new vacancies as well as get in touch with potential employees. This site is owned by Monster and New Digital Media sites. This freshly updated site has a new modern design which makes it easy to browse. You start out with uploading your CV which will help recruiters find you, you can also choose to have your CV evaluated which will raise your chances of getting more job offers. The CV evaluation is a free service and can be accessed by anyone. CareerOne regularly posts articles on career advice for those who are getting their first jobs or decides to change their career. This site also posts regular updates on the Australian job market and offers free resources on how to write your cover letter, free resume templates, resignation letter samples, and legal advice. All you need to do is enter your personal details and submit your resume and CarrerOne will find the most suitable option for you.

4. Indeed

Indeed – it is one of the most popular job sites in the world. You can browse through millions of job offers and apply online simply by making your profile and uploading your CV which can be seen by potential recruiters or employees. This site has a detailed salary comparison tool where you can look for a position by hourly rate and annual salaries. Indeed allows you to see how much other professionals like you are earning. This site helps you to choose from the best companies out there with the company evaluator tool, you can browse the company ratings and reviews which gives you an insight while making your decision while applying. This site has grown significantly over the years and is loved by foreign job seekers. You can browse jobs by keywords, skills, location or salary as well as visit their career advice section where you can learn how to create your CV, prepare for your interview and climb up your career ladder if you already have a dream position.

5. Seek

Many of the job-seeking sites provide career opportunities all over the world, Seek focuses on the local job offers. This site has a large database which matches job seekers and recruiters. You can create your profile online and upload your CV so you can start browsing job offers in Australia by keywords, location and position fields. Seek also has the opportunity to check out the latest company reviews where you can see recommendations from other employees as well as company details such as – working environment, management, diversity, and other evaluations. On this site you can see a detailed review from the past employees who describe the work ethics, challenges encountered as well as positive and negative aspects experienced while working in the company. Each company that wishes to post a vacancy on Seek also creates a short description of their company which allows applicants to decide whether they want to apply and if the company’s values and skills required matches theirs.

6. APS Jobs

The Australian Public Service jobs or APS Jobs offers the Australian community a wide variety of full time, part-time as well as temporary job offers. No matter if you are a recent graduate entering the job market for the first time or have many years of experience and looking for a change APS will have plenty of choices to choose from. This site gathers job offers from many other job-seeking sites and agencies. APS Jobs is one of the biggest Australia’s job-seeking sites and they are looking for talented, motivated and hard-working professionals. APS offers entry-level, management, technical and graduate positions with competitive salaries and flexible work practices. You can also find government jobs in the Australian defense force, cadetships, and scholarships for those with previous experience as well as recent graduates.

7. Glassdoor

They offer free services for job seekers, although recruiters will need to pay a fee to post job offers. This site offers job opportunities, but it is mostly famous for company reviews. Glassdoor allows current and former employees to review their companies, post salaries and describe their work-life quality which helps future applicants decide if the company is a good fit. The company was founded in 2007 in California and they offer job vacancies as well as reviews for positions all over the world. This site is created to help future employees to understand how companies work, how they balance work and life and how they value their employees. Glassdoor is a trustworthy source showing all the positive as well as negative aspects that help improving the workplace culture.