A crocodile dies for a shot in Australia

We would like to inform you that a city in northern Australia is in mourning after they found a crocodile dead.

According to the recent news, a fisherman discovered the body of Bismarck. It is an 80-year-old saltwater crocodile, popular with residents and tourists, in Cardwell’s Meunga Creek.

Above all, experts thing that the 4.5-meter crocodile have been shot in the head.

“Well, Cardwell, say goodbye to one of your biggest tourist attractions,” Ryan Moody said in a video posted on Facebook after discovering the dead animal. “This crocodile was never a threat to humans.”

Aslo, Moody said there is now a risk of a more aggressive crocodile moving into Bismarck’s territory.

“It’s amazing how humans can make situations more dangerous through acts of pure stupidity,” he said. Referring to the unknown perpetrator, he added: “I wonder if he would like me to turn around and jump over his head for an hour with my fists. Probably not.”

Due to the situation, the population is preparing a “commemorative day” in Bismarck.

“We saw Bismarck as part of our community, he was a very kind soul when it came to crocodiles,” Cardwell resident Thea Ormonde told.

“We want to remember the giant gentile because he never caused any trouble”, he said again.

Rescued from crocodile siege

In news of less friendly crocodiles, the experts airlifted two fishermen to the hospital after spending two days stranded in a tree over crocodile-infested water. They were in the Alligator River, some 200 kilometers east of Darwin.

In addition, the men had to climb the tree after their boat sank. They were without any safety equipment or supplies other than a fire extinguisher.

After the men did not return, a helicopter was sent to look for them, and they managed to use the fire extinguisher to capture the crew’s attention.

Finally, the doctors treated the men due to the extreme dehydration and severe insect bites, before being flown to Darwin.