The arrival of cyclone ‘Trevor’ in northern Australia

The arrival of tropical cyclone ‘Trevor’ in northern Australia has led to the largest evacuation recorded in the history of the Northern Territory.

Northern Territory Chief Minister, Michael Gunner, has indicated that a state of emergency was declared in the Gulf of Carpentaria before it arrived the weather phenomenon.

“The Bureau of Meteorology estimates that the cyclone will make landfall between the town of Borroloola and the island of Groote Eylandt throughout Saturday, with a category 4,” Gunner said.

“Conditions in the gulf have already begun to deteriorate since this morning,” he added. Nearly 1,000 residents have had to abandon their homes in Groote Eylandt, the Gulf’s largest island. It is expected that more people will be evacuated from the coastal areas of the Northern Territory.

Meteorological authorities have explained that heavy rainfall and strong winds of up to 260 kilometres per hour are expected. Gunner said it was “the largest evacuation before a cyclone” in the territory’s history.

Most evacuees will be able to take refuge in the Territory’s capital, Darwin, which is about 1,000 kilometres from their homes.