5 Essential skills for work

Whether you are applying for a new position, asking for a raise or changing careers you will need to evaluate which skills will make you stand out from other applicants or employees. Nowadays with a competitive job market, it can be hard to find a new position or move up the career ladder. Every employer for different positions will ask for their own specific requirements, but strong work ethics such as communication, punctuality, adaptability will always be the main skills that employers will look for in the new candidates.

Most of the employers will always appreciate candidates who can easily adapt to the new work environment, changes in the company as well as workload.

Before applying for a new position always start with a strong CV, your Curriculum Vitae will play a fundamental role in the hiring process. Make sure you keep it simple by pointing out your strongest skills and why you will be the best choice. Your curriculum as well as your first impression will show your potential future employer your employability skills and will help them see how well you work in a team as well as your ability to carry out the workload alone. Recruiters aim to see your values, communication skills as well as your attitude, to decide how well you will fit in in their company.

1. A proactive approach

A proactive employee will make sure that the work gets done, they will not stop until they find the best solution no matter the struggle that they will encounter during this process. Every employer’s dream is to have someone who will go out of their way to do the best job they possibly can. Proactivity can help professional growth and open more future career opportunities, of course, if applied carefully. This skill can have its negative impacts as well, a real “go getter” will not stop until they reach their goal sometimes without realizing the damage done along the way. Proactivity is most successful when an employee knows how to work in a team, how to ask for help and find the right balance without overwhelming themselves. Someone who knows how to ask for help and can take the initiative to get the work done definitely stands out during job seeking and recruiting process.

2. Teamwork

No matter the work field the job will always include communicating with others, even if you are working solo, from home there will come a time when you will need help splitting difficult tasks.

Teamwork will help to carry out work faster, increase productivity as well as make the quality of work higher, not to mention it will create a positive work environment allowing all employees to feel content and irreplaceable. Close work relationships can significantly improve the work environment as well as productivity which of course is profitable for every business.

Being able to carry out work in a team does not only apply for the employees, a great employer, as well as management, should also have this exceptional skill. A good employer will know how to send his message across and most importantly listen to his employees.

3. Communication

One of the top three skills every employer as well as employee is looking for by far is communication. Communication is the main expression, as well as listening skills, these are essential to every task as well as help to mainain healthy work relationships during your career. It is important to learn how to express yourself, ask for help and bring your message across, without it the work simply cannot move forward. Great communicator knows how to listen, understand and later apply the knowledge to their work. Good verbal, as well as written communication, is the most essential skill while carrying out any work; it will show your ability to work and represent the company you work in.

Communication will help you build relationships with your team, management as well as clients. Knowing how to say just enough and not say too much is also a skill that can save time and show how confident you are in what you are doing.

4. Strong work values

Strong work values, as well as a company that appreciates their employees and the hard work they put in, can significantly increase the quality of work as well as work relationships. Whenever you are presented with a new job opportunity or if you are a recruiter you will consider if the applicant is skilled for the position by looking through their CV as well as during the job interview. One of the aspects that are rarely mentioned in the curriculum is work values. What are you looking for in a company or what is the company looking for in you as an employee, will usually be discussed during the job interview. It is very important to learn this before starting or applying for a new position. The company values employees not only for the work they do but also for their work values, the employees must believe in the work that the company does and be willing to work hard to increase the profit. Strong work values are an essential skill for every strong company.

5. Adaptability

Businesses these days can be unpredictable, with changes in management, workload and financial situation employees have to be ready to adapt to whatever might come. Some of us prefer working individually and some feel more comfortable and productive while carrying out work in team settings, a good employee will know how to do both. Being flexible with sharing work with your coworkers, working with new equipment or adapting to the new management will not only help your company to run smoothly it will also help to manage your productivity without disturbing your workflow. Knowing how to adapt to changes is crucial especially while working under a lot of stress and heavy workload or in large companies. Adaptability will keep your stress levels low and your confidence high. Solving problems quickly, dealing with complaints and learning how to solve issues better in the future is a part of adaptability.