How long does TAX return take in Australia?

Your TAX return must be submitted for the income you earned from the previous year’s July 1st to June 30th. You can either choose to lodge your TAX return online or complete a tax form and mail it to ATO, alternatively, you can choose to use a registered TAX agent. We recommend using TAX agent services especially if you are filing your TAX return for the first time. Using the services of a registered TAX agent in some cases will allow you to file for your TAX return either earlier or after missing the submission deadlines.

The processing of your TAX return can be tracked online from the moment you submit your inquiry. You will be informed that your case is in progress, once your application is under review during this process you can be required to provide additional information if this process has been successful ATO will calculate the amount and estimated date when the funds are going to be returned to your account. Unfortunately, if you are unable to provide the additional information your request will be denied and you will not be able to lodge it again.

If you applied electronically you should receive your refund within 2 weeks, if you have chosen a paper return your funds will be returned in 10 weeks.

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