How to apply for TFN in Australia

Once you have decided to apply for your TFN you can do so easily by filling out a simple online form.

Firstly, you must choose the type of form, if you are an Australian citizen you must apply for Australian resident form or if you are a foreign resident who is currently residing in Australia you must choose the form for foreign passport holders.

Before applying and submitting your order it is important to keep in mind that applicants must hold valid identification documents and currently be in Australia.

Once you have all the necessary documents and successfully fill out the online form, complete the payment and receive a confirmation email if you are an Australian citizen you must print out the application form and attend the post office interview to finish the submission process.

Foreign passport holders will receive the confirmation email if they are currently in Australia, hold a valid passport and their personal data submitted matches with the information held with DIPB. If you successfully enter your information and complete the payment your TFN will arrive at your postal address within 28 days since the submission date.

Apply for your TAX File Number Online

As a private company we eager our clients to apply for their TFN online. The benefits of applying online with us is 24 hour assistance from our customer support team who will help you before applying, during the application process as well as after receiving your TFN.

Our customer support team works on every application individually by reviewing your information and making sure that the data you have provided is correct, sufficient as well as accepted by ATO.

Most importantly, by applying online you will save your precious time by avoiding sitting in traffic and submitting your data in person which can take a long time if you do not have all the necessary documents as well as information. You provide us with your personal information and we take care of the rest.

As a private company we will provide you with 24/7 365 service and updates on your TFN. We will make sure you have all the necessary information as well as documentation to apply for Australian TAX number.