How to find my Tax File Number?

You have moved, left Australia or simply lost or misplaced your TFN. If you have a registered TAX agent recovering your TFN will be simple as your details will be held with them. If you do not have a registered TAX agent you can go directly to ATO, but before that we recommend few other steps – looking at your payment summary, logging into myGov, looking for an income tax notice or any email or letter correspondence with ATO. Unfortunately, if you are still unable to locate the missing TFN you will need to contact ATO on 13 28 61, but before you get in touch you should be ready to answer a few security questions regarding your personal information, in order for  ATO to be able to confirm your identity. We recommend looking for your reference number if you applied online as well as having your passport near in case you need to check your personal data.

In cases when you suspect your TFN has been stolen or misused you must immediately contact ATO on 1800 467 033 and they will track down any suspicious activity. Always remember to keep your TFN safe as it is as important as any other personal documentation.

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