Our favourite vegan restaurants in Byron Bay!

Today, we want to tell you about our favourite vegan restaurants in Byron Bay. Certainly, the coastal town offers a great variety of gastronomy establishments. There are all kinds of food for all kinds of people.

Regarding this topic, the vegan or vegetarian diet is a novelty but many people are joining this type of food. For this reason, we have considered recommending some of the best vegan restaurants that you can locate in Byron Bay.


This place operates as an organic food store, but it also has an excellent juice bar, as well as a selection of lunch options. In addition, they offer organic salads and smoothies with products from their own gardens.

Manna Heaven

This is one of the best restaurants in Byron as it is a 100% vegetarian cafeteria. The menu offers incredible homemade vegan desserts.

Folk Café

This place offers food elaborated with fresh and organic products. There are vegan and veggie options for breakfast and lunch and it is a nice and quiet place.

The Cardamom Pod

The Cardamom Pod restaurant was started 14 years ago. They offer hot and cold vegan and vegetarian dishes with an Indian twist. It is a perfect place to eat a delicious salad.

Finally, we hope when you travel to New Zeland you visit our best vegan restaurants in Byron Bay. Be in mind, that you need to get a TFN online if you want to enter the country.