What is my TFN number in Australia

Tax File Number or TFN is a unique identifier in the Australian tax and super systems consisting of 9 digits, introduced to the public since 1930 and used by the Australian Taxation office (ATO).

TFN is issued by the Australian TAX office to any tax paying body – an individual, enterprise, partnership, trust or a pension fund.

It is essential to keep your Australian TFN protected as it plays a big part in your tax and super records also it reveals your identity, one must keep it at a safe place.

Once issued, your TFN stays the same throughout your life. In case you move abroad, change your job or your name, it stays the same.

It is not obligatory to apply for your TAX, however, if you do not hold a TFN number you will be charged higher taxes. Without a TFN it is not possible to receive any benefits from the Australian government, apply for a TAX return or get your ABN (Australian business number).

Foreign individuals holding a work visa must apply for their TFN using their valid passport number. ATO is confirming the information with the Department of Immigration.

Apply for your TAX File Number online

Each individual can apply for their Australian Tax File Number online at our website:


Australian citizens must be at least 13 years old to apply for their TFN. One can also apply on behalf of another person. If you wish to apply for a minor child, you will be required by one of our agents to provide your personal information such as your name, birth date, TFN number, and your address.

If you are a foreign individual you must meet the following requirements to apply for your TFN:

  1. Hold a foreign valid passport;
  2. Arrive in Australia prior to submitting your application;
  3. You hold one of the visas listed below:
  • a working visa.
  • a permanent migrant visa.
  • a foreign student visa.
  • a visa that lets you stay in Australia temporarily (including New Zealanders automatically granted a visa on arrival).

Once you fill in your application online and make the payment, you will receive an email confirmation with your 6-digit order number. Furthermore, our team will process your application and send you your application reference number and application summary if applicable.

To finish the process, Australian residents will receive their application summary which they need to print and attend a post office interview within 30 days of completing your online application.

Once the application process is completed you will receive your TFN within 28 days to the Australian address provided in your application.