When are TAX returns due in Australia?

The financial year of TAX return is from July 1st until June 30th  and due by the 31st of October. You can either submit your tax return online or through a registered TAX agent. Unfortunately, if you have missed the TAX return submission date you can get a penalty up to 5 % of the amount due, the longer you withhold the tax return the higher the penalty.

If you wish to avoid the penalties simply file an extension form with your registered TAX agent or with ATO if you will be filing your TAX return on your own. Those taxpayers who have been late with their TAX return in the past or have any unpaid debts will be required to lodge their TAX return sooner than other taxpayers. If you are wondering whether you need to file a TAX return, make sure that you have earned at least 18,200$ in the previous financial year.

Before you claim your TAX make sure that: you have spent the money yourself and that you were not given the money back, the spendings are connected with your business and most importantly you have physical proof or the amount spent.

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