Where to see kangaroos in Australia?

We would like to confirm that there are many places in Australia where you can see kangaroos in their natural habitat. Now, an unforgettable and unique experience is to enjoy them at dawn on a beach. You can see Free kangaroos in Cape Hillsborough National Park Beach.

This place consists of a deserted beach within a national park that can be accessed for free. We advise you not bathe in the sea because there are jellyfishes and crocodiles.

Where to sleep in Cape Hillsborough?

First of all, you have plenty of options to stay close to Cape Hillsborough National Park. One of our favorite places is the Seaforth Holiday Units. It is very clean and there are comfortable apartments very close to the beach of the kangaroos.

On the other hand, if you travel with a campervan or caravan, Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park is the best option. Certainly, it has areas for caravans, campervans, small cabins, etc. Also, there is a swimming pool; a food shop; and a small restaurant.

You can see the kangaroos at night on the beach. A few meters away from the campsite you could see them eating so quietly over there.

A great experience: kangaroos in freedom

Next to the campsite, there is the beach where you can see kangaroos in freedom. When you get there you can see how they are, eating at their own pace. It’s an exciting spectacle.

Kangaroos come there every day because the staff of the National Park feeds them. They are accustomed to human presence and are not afraid, you can see them very close to you. Anyway, you have to respect their space and not overwhelm them to take your picture.

Some recommendations

  • Take a camera to pick up one of the coolest moments of your trip through Australia.
  • Keep a safe and respectful distance from the kangaroo and do not feed them with bread, fruit or vegetables.
  • Keep your voice down and do not talk or laugh in front of them in their natural habitat.
  • Forget the idea to take selfies with the kangaroos too close and do not use flash.
  • Do not walk between the kangaroos.

Finally, we hope you enjoy the moment with respect, in silence and without feeding them. The free kangaroos in Cape Hillsborough National Park Beach are one of the best experiences that Australia offers.

Please, do not forget to obtain a TFN online if you want to discover the country.