Work in Australia

Whether you are an Australian passport holder or a foreign resident looking for a new job position in Australia it can be a complicated process. It might be challenging if you do not hold the right documents or simply do not have sufficient information on how to arrange your visa, tax number, and other necessary steps. Starting a new job in a foreign country can be a quite daunting, long and expensive process. Arranging your work visa, tax file number and applying for an Australian bank account requires research and patience. Australia is a great place that offers many opportunities, the country has a high employment rate, great work ethics and not to mention stunning nature which attracts many foreign workers every year.

How to work in Australia?

Australia offers great access to the educational system, high employment rates as well as healthy work and life balance. If you are ready to take the opportunity to work in Australia you must start with researching the job market, obtaining your work visa, tax file number which will be followed by bank arrangements, renting agreements and so on.

We recommend starting with understanding your visa qualifications. You will be able to either obtain a skilled visa or a sponsored visa. A skilled visa is designed for skilled workers who are not sponsored by an employer, state, family member or territory. A skilled visa will allow you to work in Australia permanently if you meet all the requirements.

The sponsored visa allows you to work in Australia temporarily for up to 4 years. The sponsor can be a child, parent, sibling, cousin or any other family member who is lawfully operating a business in Australia.

What do I need to work in Australia?

In order to apply for a job and move to Australia, you must start by applying for a visa. Visas are divided into two categories – Skilled Migration Visa, which is designed for foreign skilled workers who meet the Australian labor market requirements and Nominated or Sponsored Work Visa for those who are recognized by an Australian employer, territory or state authority or government agency.

Once you have successfully applied for your work visa you will need to prove your English language efficiency by providing a language certificate as well as prove that you qualify in the health criteria to successfully work in Australia. We recommend arranging your visa as well as all the necessary documents in advance, it generally takes six to twelve months to apply for a work visa if no additional information is required.

After obtaining your visa and all the required documents you can check out the most popular Australian websites for job seekers to get an idea of skills as well as positions that are on demand. Job seeking websites is a great way to understand the local job market as well as average earnings.

When you will obtain your visa you can now do research on the job market which can be easily done online. Starting a new job in Australia can be a long and difficult process, but with the right amount of research, preparation and determination, you will be able to start a new position in Australia in 6-12 months.

The Australian working visa

Anyone can apply for a work visa in Australia as long as they meet all the requirements.

Working holiday visa – gives applicants from ages 18-30 opportunity to apply for a temporary job visa for up to 36 months. This visa gives applicants casual work rights which will help them sponsor their travels. The application process must be done before arriving in Australia. You have to hold a valid passport as well as sufficient funds to support yourself when you arrive. This visa can be extended for 12-24 months.

Skilled visa – this visa type is for workers who are not sponsored by an employer, state, territory or a family member. In order to obtain this type of visa you must be invited to apply, younger than 45 years old, have your skills assessment, as well as sufficient English language level. Visa holders are able to work in Australia permanently and apply for Australian citizenship after 4 years.

Sponsored visa – in order to apply for this type of visa, your employer must lawfully operate a business in Australia as well as to lodge an application in order to nominate you for the sponsored visa. The applicant must also qualify and match all the necessary skills of their nominated occupation, have sufficient English language level as well as health insurance. Applicants can apply for their visa for up to 4 years, the application can be filled by the employer or by the applicant.